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Big Bash 2 - The Bigger Party!

Since Big Bash 1 was such a hit the organisers that are the EMAG user group decided to host a seconds show namely BigBash2... :-) Since OS4PR has been out for some months and we recently got an update as well as the new AmigaOne models it was a prime time to put on another show. And boy was it a hoot!.

The show itself was held at the same venue as before, which in my opinion is a perfect venue for an Amiga show, if only it was a bit easier to get too, Peterborough isntt the easiest place to get to is it bobson ;-) Anyway I digress... As with the first show there was Internet access via a WIFI connection but this time it was avaliable to more than just the shoutcast machine, plus there was also a live video stream. Oh there was also free food which is always a bonus and the bar was just as cheap as I remembered it.

The Show

Although turnout was down from the first Big Bash, there was a lot more things to do and more exhibitors to natter too.

There was the AmigaWorld table with an A1-XE on a huge monitor (outkast is a git!). A windows box handling the streams, a microA1-C and the famous Suzanne, and it still pulled the crowd :-) It was nice to see it in the flesh after many hours looking at it in CU Amiga magazine.

AmigaOne Productions was also there with DVD's of the Swedish show for sale and then there was our table. We had an AROS machine, which looked cool. My A1200 running OS4beta, and boy that drew a lot of attention. The CD32 with stacks of games and our case badges were also on sale.

Next to us was the Amiga600 guys with the sweat cram packed A600 which had AmIRC running most of the time. On from them was the Total Amiga stand with another A1-XE running OS4 and as usual a good selection of Total Amiga magazine, which you should all have subscriptions too by now. Next on was the Quake2 LAN boxes, im not sure if anyone used them but it was good to have the option and next to those was Sven showing off more AmigaOne's and a host of other goodies.

On again from Sven was formatt stocking a wide range of classic games and software, which is always good to see, we shouldn't forget our roots.

Last but by no means least was Outcasts brother selling stuff for any case moding enthusiast, as well as some rather naff Arsnal mouse mats ;-)

As far as demonstrations go... Rigo aka Simon Archer demo'd how to update to the latest UBoot, which was dead quick and also how to update OS4... except he made a bit of a booboo and put in the wrong CD and reinstalled the original OS4PR :-) But it was still interesting to watch. Im told Sven also did some demo's too but I missed those, I must of been hiding in the bar.

Then there was the raffle.... 16 BLOODY TICKETS!!!... Bobson the lucky sod won the 1st prize, the microA1-C.. and I won an AmigaWorld mouse mat, expensive mouse mat at that, but I hold no grudges (currently tracking bobson with the mind to kill him and kidnap the ľA1-C ;-) ). There was also a can of AmiCola raffled off and a SIL IDE controller too, but I wont say anymore on that, bit of a touchy subject.

Overall Conclusion

What can I say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as I do at every Amiga gathering. Its a pleasure to associate myself which such fine people.


A big thank you to Outcast, Bobson, JurrasicC, Rigo and everyone else who organised the show. Thanks also go out to Holley and Kate for giving me a lift down to the show and running me around as well as the loan of the monitors for the show. Thanks to all those who bought a case badge. In fact thank you to everyone who had anything to do with the show, even to JurrasicC's girlfriend for selling me so many tickets!

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