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Filename Extensions

When buying disks from a PD library or surfing the internet you may find some files with certain extensions. This will allow you to identify the most common.


A standard audio format developed by Commodore for use on the Amiga.


Pkpak compressed archive, was once popular on Unix and Atari ST


Arj compression archive


Windows bitMaP image file. The equivalent of IFF on the Amiga.


Standard Microsoft compression format for system software. It is based upon an LZX-II compression algorhythm.


Standard for sending Faxes.


Amiga Compression format for retaining the exact state of a disk.


Commonly associated with Microsoft Word documents.


Used in publishing for saving images as postscript files.


Executable file, designed to be run on a particular OS. PC progs are designed to be ran on a PC machine, etc.


Graphics Interchange Format image format. The standard for 8-bit web graphics.


AmigaGuide file, a standard on Amiga for hypertext documentation.


GZip archive, a variant of Zip.


BinHex archive, a compression format commonly used by the Apple Mac.


Hyper Text Markup Language document. A text file that contains a number of commands that a web browser interprets. Used on the internet.


Amiga multimedia format, almost synominous with ILBM. This also includes the sound format, 8SVX.


Iff image format. made popular by Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint. Standard graphics format used by the Amiga. remains popular in the computer industry.


A picture format formally used by Atari and GEM for their OS.


Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. A format used on 24-bit images for its high compression rate. Has became reasonably popular on the internet.


Lha compression archive, a format popular on the Amiga and Atari ST for compression.


LZW compression archive


LZX compressed archive. A recent format developed on the Amiga to replace LHA. Better compression rates.


PAK archive


PCX image format. Formally one of the most popular formats on the PC.


A format used by Photoshop, including support for layers and channels.


A graphics format used by MacOS as standard. Equivalent to IFF on the Amiga.


A Packit compression archive used on Amiga


PIX Rendered Image, used by Silicon Graphics


Portable Network Graphics image format, designed to replace the GIF format on the world wide web.


Sun Rasterfile, used on Sun systems


Stuffit archive


Tar archive, popular on Unix systems.


Targa image format, used for PC true colour graphics.


tar and compress archive


Image format used by Macs and PCs for publishing


Standard text format


UUencoded file


Image format used on Silicon Graphics machines


Rich Text Format. The next generation of text file designed to retain font and text styles across different OS`s


Pack archive


Compress archive


Zip compression archive, a standard used on Windows-based systems.


Zoo compression archive



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