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Perceived as an alternative to the official Amiga, the b Plan strategy promotes the use of a AmigaOS compatible operating system, running on a custom PPC board. The prospect is made even more unusual by the developers behind it. Genesi is a merger of two businesses - bPlan (a German company consisting of former Phase 5 employees) and Thendic France (a French subsidiary run by Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco, formerly of Viscorp). The cooperation has resulted in several elements of previous Amiga projects being incorporated into current developments. This has proved an explosive combination, resulting in a war of words between Amiga and MorphOS supporters.

- Pegasos
- Pegasos II
- The Eclipsis handheld

- Video Microwave
- Plexus Internet terminal
- Psylent multimedia box

Operating Systems
- MorphOS

Press releases
- The original press release for the Pegasos
- Ralph Schmidt responds to criticism that MorphOS is 'stolen' AmigaOS code
- Thendic ships first Pegasos board (31st May 2002)
- Getting the Pegasos market going! (6th August 2002)
- Open Letter from Raquel and Bill discussing their current plans (14th August 2002)
- Raquel & Bill clarifies concerns from the Amiga community (17th August 2002)
- Phase II Team Betatester and Betatester II, Frankfurt: (4th October 2002)
- MorphOS, the Pegasos, and other PPC Operating Systems and Platforms (21st October 2002)
- November conversations - Bill Buck offers a Pegasos to Hyperion (8th November 2002)
- Thendic-France SARL and bplan GmbH of Frankfurt announce merger (23rd November 2002)
- The is no Mai without April. The Articia does not work as promoted (4th December 2002)
- Genesi Need You! (18th January 2003)
- Genesi Announces Plexuscom cooperation and new Pegasos Computer for CeBit Release (14th February 2003)
- Pegasos launch announcement & Pegasos 2 news (21st February 2003)

More information on MorphOS, Genesi and bPlan can be found on the relevant web sites.


Last Update: 14/02/2002


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