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Amiga to create games and other content for Microsoft Windows for Smartphone 2002 Software

Snoqualmie, WA, Nov 6, 2002 - Amiga, a leader in games and entertainment software, today announced the release of games targeting Windows Powered Smartphones. Using the Amiga Anywhere Content Engine and their new "App Pak" technology, applications written for Windows Powered Pocket PC handheld computers will now be available for Smartphones as well. In addition, Amiga intends to build specific games and productivity applications that take advantage of the unique characteristics of devices running Microsoft Windows for Smartphone.

"Amiga has partnered with Microsoft to create the best experience for games and entertainment on Smartphone devices", said Bill McEwen, CEO of Amiga. "We have been an early adopter of Microsoft Windows for Smartphone because of our belief that it can revolutionize the mobile experience. With our new App Pak technology, users can access applications on their PDA or Smartphone without having to install them from their personal computer."

App Pak applications are distributed on memory cards. Users will be able to purchase the cards from their retail store and immediately use them. In less than 60 seconds, users can enjoy games and other applications with just by inserting their card. Just insert the card in the appropriate slot, click, and play. App Pak applications use little storage space on local systems making them more functional for PDA and Smartphone devices with limited resources.

"The Windows Powered Smartphone enables users to do what they want, when they want, from business productivity to entertainment," said Mary Rose Becker, group marketing manager for Mobile Devices at Microsoft Corp. "We're thrilled that Amiga is releasing it's games for the Smartphone platform, providing our mutual customers with compelling entertainment options."

Amiga will begin shipping games and other applications for Smartphone in time for the holiday season this year. To learn more about Amiga visit or Developers who want to receive more information regarding developing content for Amiga Anywhere can sign up at

About Amiga
Amiga Inc. established itself in 1985 as the premier provider of multi-media technologies
in the world. Today, Amiga continues leading the way in multi-media by providing language independent technologies to developers for writing and porting applications to a new multi-media platform that is hardware agnostic. AmigaDE, powered with intent(TM) from the Tao Group, enables applications to run unchanged on a broad range of processors including ARM, StrongARM, Intel X-Scale, MIPS, Intel x86, Motorola 68K and Hitachi SH. It can run hosted on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows CE .NET, Windows 9x, 2000, Windows XP, Linux, and Embedded Linux. Amiga is based in Snoqualmie, WA, and has offices worldwide.

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