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- - The Shell icon provides easy access to the Command Line Interface (CLI) -
- Contains commands essential for programs to be executed. These can be entered through the shell.
- This contains drivers and keymaps needed by the system. The basic set-up only contains the bare essential needed.
- It is alleged to store certain drivers for graphic cards or other expansions. A left over from WB1.3.
- Stores all the handlers for the Amiga file systems, allowing processes to communicate or even talk.
- Stores shared libraries essential for running applications.
- A number of programs designed to alter the configuration of the Amiga, such as setting the time or the font. It also stores preference files essential for loading certain programs.
- Contains the AREXX server.
- This contains the start-up configuration files for Workbench. These are essential files that tell the Amiga exactly what to do.
- Contains some essential utilities to get the most out of Workbench.
- Contains basic utilities for use with Workbench. Commodities can also be found in a sub-directory- these alter the behaviour of Workbench.
- Contains text/graphic displayers and other utilities.
- Any files placed in here will be executed when the Amiga boots up.
- The Trashcan stores any unwanted files on a particular device.


Clipboard Allows certain programs to cut and paste into each other by storing the file here.
Env Stores preference files to allow Workbench and other programs to allow the Amiga to access them quickly.
T Stores files temporary in memory. This is usually lost when you reboot.



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