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Questions and Answers

Here are a few problems that you could experience with your Amiga and how to solve it.


- How do I quit from the Shell?
- How do I create a RAD disk?
- How do I create a script file?
- Can I get AmigaBasic working on my A1200?
- How do I create my own ram disk icons?
- How do I create a script in AmigaDOS that tells me when my Amiga was last booted?
- Can I create another Ram disk by creating an AmigaDOS script?
- How do I play QuickTime (QT) files?
- When I install some software to my hard drive a box appears telling me to insert volume WORK: in any drive. What can I do?
- When I boot Workbench a message appears stating that it cannot WORK: T. What can I do to get rid of this?
- The basic Workbench setup looks a bit dull. Is there anywhere that I can find some add-ons to make it look a bit prettier?
- I have a problem installing a keymap on my Amiga. What do I do?
- How do I display pictures in the background on Workbench 3?
- I can display a picture in the background but two copies are shown and the colours are wrong.
- How do I view text documents from Workbench?
- When I click on "Install," a requester appears saying, "can't open your tool Installer." Why?
- Why doesn't the program work after I configured the icon?
- Why doesn't the icon change after I have created an image for it?
-  I have mounted a RAD disk but have found that it uses Chip RAM. Is there any way I can get it to use Fast RAM instead?
- When I am using any of the preference programs in Workbench, I select "use" but instead, the software saves it. What is wrong with it?
- How do I increase the number of colours that are displayed in Workbench?
- How do I dearchive .arj files?
- Is there any way that I can write protect my hard drive?
- Is there anyway that I can alter the size of requester so that it is fixed when I open a directory?
- When I try to open a project a requester appears saying "Unable to open your tool 'C:EvenMore'." What can I do?
- What datatype do I need in order to view 24bit IFF images?
- What software can I use to format and partition my Amiga hard drive?
- I known that a CD cannot be written too but is there any way that the CD icon can be snapshotted?
- How do I decompress Zip files on my Amiga?
- How do I unarchive a file with .tar extension?
- I have a number of JPEG files saved in Photoshop that cannot be viewed using JPEG viewers on the Amiga. How do I view them?
- I have a file on my hard drive that refuses to delete. I have tried deleting the icon using Workbench and when I try to delete it from the Shell it states the file does not exist. What can I do?
- How do I install the rest of Workbench to get it boot into the GUI?
- How do I set my Amiga to use Daylight Savings Time?
- I have attempted to delete a directory. Although the contents were deleted, I was told the directory was not empty. Is there anyway I can delete this folder?
- How do I install the upgrade to use the latest version of FFS?



- How do I save Octamed modules as MIDI for use on the PC?
- On PPaint I can load a picture larger than the screen and autoscroll around it, but when I save it the picture becomes clipped. What can I do?
- I have received a .WAV through e-mail but when I clicked on it, it played for the first 2 seconds.What can I do to solve this problem?
- How do I install Deluxe Paint to hard drive? There is no Install program
- How can I load my disks into my hard drive?
- How do I set YAM to play a sound when personal mail has arrived?
- Is it possible to get IBrowse to play midi files that play in the background of some websites?
- I have an Amiga with 2Mb Chip RAM and some Fast RAM. When using the text effects in PPaint but a message appears stating there is not enough memory available. What can I do?
- I recently installed PFS2 on a number of partitions. When I tried to save the new configuration I was presented with "save failed, not enough space for configuration data." What does this mean?
- How do I set up a Web Browser to read AmigaGuides?
- Whenever I run DiskSalv it validates the disk and then becomes invalidated when the program quits. How can I cure this?
- I seem to get out of memory messages when using PPaint 7 despite having enough Ram to load the image. Why does this happen?
- How do I use KingCon with a graphics card?
- I've installed a new hard drive but when I reboot the error "Allocated Memory Doesn't Match Memory Mask" appears. What can I do?


General problems

- How do I split large files?
- The graphics on my favourite game appear corrupt when I load it from hard drive even though it had an installer.
- Can I run UNIX on my Amiga?
- Can I use my Amiga as an X11 terminal?
- Can I run another Kickstart on my Amiga?
- How do I get the Double-NTSC modes to work?
- What is the keyboard shortcuts for a text gadget?
- Can I use an American Amiga in the UK or vise-versa?
- I have just bought an old Amiga. What exactly can I do with it?
- Are there any programs that automatically update my system clock via the Internet?
- My software requires a minimum stack size of 50000 or more to run. How do I alter it?
- I need a program that performs a find and replace over a number of text files.
- How do you use a modem between two Amigas?



- I have an A600. Can I plug in a standard PC CD-ROM drive?
- The CD audio on my CD drive sounds quieter than the computer effects. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?
- Why does the signal from the RGB port make the display look better than using an ordinary TV?
- I'm having problems with my CD32 and SX-1.
- When I switch on my Amiga the hard drive works, but after resetting it the hard drive is no longer recognised. What's going on?
- What type of modems will work on my Amiga?
- When I switch on my machine cold, it boots fine. However, when I do a warm reboot or even switch off and then back on I get the purple "Insert a disk screen."
- I have an Escom A1200. I've heard that I can get the drive to read high density disks. Is this true?
- Can I use an Iomega Zip or SyQuest EZ drive on my Amiga?
- When I switch on my Amiga the screen goes yellow. What can I do?
- When my Amiga crashes the hard drive will go crazy attempting to boot and the hard drive light will sometimes stay on for up to 20 minutes. What can I do to stop this?
- My hard drive doesn't boot when I switch it on.
- Horizontal lines appear on my monitor when I use the higher scan rates. What can I do?
- How do I fix broken pins on the PCMCIA (PC) slot?
- What type of memory can I use in my accelerator?
- How do I record Amiga graphics to video?
- What can the fast SCSI-II controller on my Blizzard 1230/50 be used for?
- Many applications demand more chip ram than my A500 has. Is there anything that I can do?
- Can I use a Bubble jet printer on my old A600?
- Is there a problem with IBM hard drives? I have swapped mine several times and they all crash after an hour
- Are the Zappo CD Drives in fact standard IDE drives in disguise? If so, can I plug them into the IDE port on my Amiga?
- I have recently bought a standard 3.5 IDE hard drive made by IBM. however, I cannot get it work with my Amiga. What am I doing wrong?
- When I boot my Amiga, the clock has reset to September 1992. What can I do?
- Is there any way I can alter a Microvitec monitor so that it can also display a television signal?
- What is the DOSDriver mountfile for reading and writing PC Zip disks?
- When I try to run a application that uses the FPU on my 68060 accelerator a software failure appears. How can I cure this?
- My Blizzard 1260 seems to be running slowly since I installed a new version of the Phase 5 software. What can I do?
- Can I connect an Apollo 630 accelerator and a 2.5 hard drive at the same time to my A600?
- I recently bought an A1200 68040 accelerator. When I try to boot it the machine gurus after activating the 68040 with an error of 8000 000B. How can I cure this?
- Is there a way to extend the Auto Shut Off time of the Zip drive?
- I have a SuperVGA monitor that won't keep its focus. If I focus it when I first turn it on, it slowly goes out of focus as it warms up. If I try to keep it in focus as it warms up, I can keep it in focus, but some of the other adjustments peak out (like horizontal and vertical size) What is wrong with it?
- My accelerator seems to react slowly. What can I do?
- Problems with PPC-based Amigas and the serial port
- Read/Write errors on disk drives.
- I use a SVGA monitor with my Amiga. Over the last few months it has been exhibiting some strange faults such as flickering and only showing 2 colours. What can I do?
- I have a 2x SCSI CD-ROM in a custom case that I bought from an Amiga supplier. Can I upgrade the drive by replacing it with a faster unit such as a 20x or do I have to buy abandon this and buy a new drive?
- Whatever I do my Amiga seems to run out of memory. Is there anything I can do to cure this?
- Is there any way I can improve the output quality of the Commodore 1084 monitor?
- I have heard that some A1200's have problems with PowerPC cards. How do I know if my Amiga will have problems and how can it be fixed?
- Can I use an A500 keyboard with a CD32?
- My machine keeps crashing after installing my accelerator.
- I have bought a new accelerator, but the MMU does not work.
- I am having problems with the memory on my Apollo board, only half of it seems to be available.


Hardware- software Issues

- Can I make a bootable Zip disk on my Amiga?
- How do I install a CD driver?
- I've formatted my Zip drive and now two drive icons appear. How can I cure this?
-Can I use my A500 floppy disk drive in the A1200?
- I have installed a registered copy of my CD driver software but the ATAPI Plug'nPlay 3.0 Demo screen still appears every 10 minutes. Is there anything I can do?
- I recently bought a 4.3Gb hard drive for my Amiga. However, I can not format it to the full 4Gb, is there anything I can do to allow me to do this?
- I have connected a hard drive but HDToolBox fails to recognise it. Are there any other utilities that I can use to get the drive recognised?



- Do I need to get a faster 680x0 processor to use the Phase 5 PPC boards?
- Where do I buy a 68040/060 processor?
- I have an A1200. Do I need to get a tower to use a PPC board?
- When using the PPC cards, would running PPC software freeze Workbench and other non-PPC applications?
- When I switch on my A1200, fitted with a PowerUP card I have to hold both mouse buttons down and then click on boot for the Amiga to load. What is the problem?


Emulation Related

- When I transfer graphics from the PC to the Amiga, the image seems to change shape. What can I do?
- How do I read and write PC disks?
- When I transfer a text file from PC to the Amiga, or viseversa the line endings are messed up. What can I do?
- How do I make a mountlist to access my PC formatted hard drive?
- How do I access my CD-ROM drive from my PC emulator?
- How do make a PC boot disk?
- Mounting PC hardfiles on the Amiga desktop
- How do I transfer files from Windows 95/NT machine to my Amiga without losing the long filenames?
- Is it possible to put my PC-HD in my Amiga, without having to format it so I can copy some files over from my Amiga
- How do I use ShapeShifter hard files with Fusion?
- Shapeshifter doesn't with my Phase 5 68060 board. The problem is caused by PrepareEmul, the early-startup patcher. What can I do?
- I can get ShapeShifter to recognise my CD-ROM and when I boot I get the Disk not formatted requester. What should I do?
- How do I create and extract .ADF files on my Amiga?
- I have copied software from a MAC CD into the Shapeshifter hardfile using the crossmount utility. However, when I try to load the applications I have copied, it just says something like "Teach Text cannot load files of this size". It seems to think that everything is a text file. What can I do?
- I have a few C64 games that do not have an extension. I have tried renaming them to .d64 and .t64 file formats with little success. What can I do?
- When using WinUAE I cannot access the root of my hard drive or CD ROM. How do I access it?
- I want to swap from using a hardfile to using a partition with Shapeshifter. How do I make this new partition the bootable and transfer everything over?
- I have set up PC2Amiga to read the PC hard drive using my Amiga over a serial cable. However, when I try to copy files of any size it reports "cannot transfer packet".
- When I try to access the Workbench drawer on a CD using WinUAE, the machine freezes. What's the problem?



- I have a number of LZX files compressed on Amiga that I want to use on my PC. Can I unpack these files in Windows?
- I have a number of LHA files. How can I dearchive them on a PC?
- Is there a way to convert and use Amiga Icons in Windows?
- How do I convert IFF samples into MP3?
- How do I decompress multi-disk Zip archives on the Amiga?



- Civilization CD
- How cam I make my own WAD files for Doom?

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